The Hohepa Foundation

The Hohepa Foundation was established as a Charitable Trust in 1990, by parents and the Hohepa Homes Trust Board to provide additional support for Hohepa.  The Foundation also provides a way investment for individual trust funds of a resident can be managed on their behalf through the Foundation’s subsidiary, Hohepa Trustees Ltd.

The Foundation was registered as a Charitable Entity under the Charities Act 2005 and maintains a number of separate funds, both for the purposes of Hohepa and individual regions. Larger donations can be made to a region or to Hohepa in general to support development, through the Foundation.

In addition, through its subsidiary, Hohepa Trustees Ltd, it provides a special facility to establish trusts for individual residents.

The Foundation Trust Deed allows the appointment by Regional Boards of advisory trustees in their region.

Two trustees are appointed by the Hohepa Homes Trust Board.  The three  regional Hohepa Families’ Associations each nominate a trustee with ratification required by their Regional Board.