Welcome to Hohepa

Hohepa is a Registered Charitable Trust providing Intellectual Disability Services based on the Principles of Rudolf Steiner.

Our purpose is to establish and maintain homes, schools, organic farms and day services throughout New Zealand for the care, support and education of intellectually disabled young people and adults.

Hohepa's vision is to enable people with intellectual disabilities to develop to their fullest potential and have quality of life in a holistic caring environment. The vocational and personal development of each individual with special needs is our prime focus with curative education and social therapy principles fundamental to our work. Our approaches are based on an understanding of each individual's disability, needs, and potential for future growth.

Recognition and respect for the eternal in each human being, and the working of destiny underlies our professional and social life. Community health grows strong through interest, participation, respect, co-operation and mutual support among its members.

Commitment to achieving the highest standard in professional knowledge and service delivery guides our performance.

Introducing Hohepa

icon-aboutus.jpg About Hohepa
Schooling, residential and vocational services in Hawke's Bay, Christchurch and Auckland for individuals with an intellectual disability.
icon-auckland.jpg Auckland
Situated at Titirangi in the Waitakere Ranges, offering residential, vocational, community participation & school transition services.
icon-hawkes-bay-school.jpg Hawke's Bay
New Zealand's first Hohepa community, Hohepa Hawke's Bay was established in 1957 and has grown to a community of over 200 residents and staff.
icon-canterbury.jpg Canterbury
Hohepa Canterbury provides sustainable living, community participation, artistic therapies & agriculture for over 100 residents and day attendees.
icon-hawkes-bay.jpg Hawke's Bay School
Situated on a biodynamic farm in the Poraiti hills outside Napier, the school provides care and education for children and young people from 7-21 year olds.
icon-hohepa-foundation.jpg Hohepa Foundation
A charitable trust since 1990, the Foundation maintains separate accounts for the individual regions & facilitates accounts for individual residents.