Welcome to Hohepa Hawke's Bay
Andy White
General Manager

NZ Advanced Dip. Tchg

Welcome to Hohepa Hawke’s Bay. The Hawke’s Bay community was the beginning of the Hohepa Homes Community in New Zealand, and is a thriving community. I joined Hohepa Hawke’s Bay in October 2007.
Our Vision
Every Life Fully Lived  
Through living and working in community life, people with a disability will grow to experience satisfying lives with as much independence as possible.
Curative education, social therapy, a rich cultural life and biodynamic land-use combine to make Hohepa unique in the way it encourages the development of body, soul and spirit for all.
The community grows strong through interest, participation, respect, co-operation and mutual support amongst its members
A `healthy social life' is the basis of a holistic life, “a life fully lived”, for all those who live and work at Hohepa.
In recent time we have been working to strengthen understanding and practices in this context, among all staff.
I believe this understanding of Human development is invaluable for our staff to work together to guide and support Intellectually Disabled children and adults
I welcome your interest in Hohepa Hawkes Bay.
Read about about our services  the special character, see our products, especially our award winning cheese; see videos

Life at Hohepa Hawke's Bay

Residential life at the Hohepa Hawke's Bay community usually begins at the school. The school maintains a curative education programme, inspired by the ideas of Rudolf Steiner.

The programme for the intellectually disabled is based on the Waldorf Curriculum and the New Zealand Curriculum. The school maintains close associations with the Ministry of Education, but is currently classified as an independent school. We have a current application for Integration status with the Ministry of Education.
Students remain in the school up to the age of 21, when they may move to the adult programmes (provided places are available) or to the related Hohepa Auckland or Canterbury facilities.

The adult community life involves the residents in daily vocational programmes, ranging from craft skills for weaving, feltmaking, woodwork, candlemaking, farming and gardening. Life Plans include plans for personal development and achievement in these vocational areas, and are linked to NZQA accredited courses and certificates. Products from the farm and craft studios are sold through the on-site shop.
The emphasis is on giving a sense of worth through contributing and being a part of 'real work'.
 We also consider application from people not in Hohepa Residential Service, to be a part of our Day Service programmes and facilities.
A critical part of our approach in developing people are the therapies which are woven through the regular life – in nursing, medical and dietary care, in arts, speech, social therapy and movement and expression (eurithmy).

What's happening at Hohepa Hawke's Bay

Residential Services
Central to an enjoyable & meaningful community life is a stable home.
Vocational and Community Life
Residents can engage in a variety of these supported activities through their week.
Festivals & Events
The passing of time and the changing seasons are richly celebrated at Hohepa.
Landuse & Organic Farming
Farming is integral to community life - producing healthy food and purpose.
Hohepa School
For children and young people aged 7 to 21 who have special requirements for their care and education.
The Cheesery
Hohepa Hawke's Bay is very proud of its cheesery. Having won several awards for the cheeses produced.