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Hohepa began life when the Hohepa Homes Trust Board was formed in 1956 to establish a residential community for people with intellectual disabilities in New Zealand.

The Hohepa Homes Trust Board is responsible for the effective Governance of Hohepa in accordance with the terms of its Trust deed. The Trust deed under which Hohepa was established does not have any provisions for membership or mechanisms for election by and reporting to stakeholders but the Trust Board has adopted policies to ensure transparency and a consultative approach to trustee appointments.

The overriding principle determining the composition of the Board is to provide for direct representation from each region in which the Trust Board provides services and to maintain skills relevant to the organisation as a whole.

The Trust Board delegates to Regional Boards the responsibility for governance within each of the regions that it operates. This is done by way of a formal delegation agreement between the Hohepa Homes Trust Board and each of the Regional Boards. Certain powers are retained by the Trust Board and overall responsibility for Hohepa is retained by the Trust Board.

The Hohepa Homes Trust Board has a strong monitoring role as well as being the forum in which the regional Chairs, independent trustees aided by the General Managers can plan and direct the future of the organisation.

Each year the Trust Board invite family members to an informal meeting when they are in their region.  An invitation is sent out to family members who reside within each area as a reminder.   Dates for the 2014 meetings are as follows:

Canterbury      Monday 10 March 2014

Auckland          Tuesday 3 June 2014

Wellington       Monday 8 September 2014

Hawkes Bay     Monday 24 November 2014

Hohepa Homes Trust Board Members